Museum Framing

Fini Museum Frames are used extensively throughout Australia’s national and state galleries and other institutions. The Museum frames feature a backloading system reinforced with an internal aluminium frame (developed over several years with close input from NGA conservators), as well as aluminium corner inserts for added strength and corner bracing for hanging.

Fini Museum Frames are crafted from locally sourced and sustainable Australian timbers, with a variety of stained or painted finishes available.

Custom Framing

Fini Frames also specialises in providing one-on-one custom framing consultation. Courteous and knowledgeable, our staff have years of hands-on experience and are happy to work closely with the client to bounce ideas back and forth until the concept is perfect.
Fini Frames offers a diverse range of bespoke options for stained or painted finishes. We can also create custom mouldings to order.

Dry Mounting

Dry mounting is the process of affixing a photographic print or artwork to a firm substrate, ensuring absolute flatness to allow framing without any ripples or movement.

The neutral archival film we use does not adversely affect the artwork, and acts as a barrier when non-archival substrates such as MDF (block mounting) are used. Naturally, we offer a diversity of substrates to suit different requirements and budgets.

Originally located in South Melbourne, our dry mounting business was established and operated by Colin Miller, an industry veteran with more than thirty years experience.


Founded in 2004, our print studio has always sought to create a welcoming space that is comfortable for artists or photographers to come in and use as their own studio.

Our primary focus is a one-on-one consultation service that allows us to collaborate closely with the client throughout the entire workflow. We understand how important it is to sit down and discuss exactly how your work might best be printed, as well as any necessary colour or image adjustments.

Our fine art archival printing services can print to a range of profiled art papers, photographic stocks or on canvas up to a width of 1620 mm. We offer flatbed scanning of original works up to A3 size, as well as high-resolution scanning from film negative or transparency up to 4″ x 5″ using a Hasselblad Imacon scanner.